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London Tube Map
A map of the London Underground with geographically correct station positions taken from wikimedia.
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IMD Total
IMD Total
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Global MacDonalds Big Mac Prices 2007
Illustrates the local price (in USD) of a MacDonalds BigMac in various countries round the world.
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The 21 Output Area Classification Groups
An update clickable version of MapTube's very popular map of the Output Area Classification (OAC) of the UK, based on the 2001 census, each area falls into one of 21 possible groups based on the demographics of the local population.
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Dan Vickers' Output Area Classification (OAC)
Output Area Classification for England, Scotland and Wales
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Greater Manchester Congestion Charge
This is a map showing data from an online survey of people's reaction to the proposed Greater Manchester congestion charge
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Assault using Knife or Sharp Object - 2006/07
Directly age standardised hospital admissions for knife attacks 2006/07
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Social Cohesion
Percentage of residents who agree that their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together
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London PTAL Contour
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Mapping the Credit Crunch (Autumn 2008)
Radio 4: Mapping how the credit crunch is affecting people with a crowd sourcing experiment running during Autumn 2008
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Post Office Locations
The locations of post offices in England, Scotland and Wales. The data was obtained from the post office web site in October 2007.
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BBC Look East: Anti-social Behaviour
Mapping anti-social behaviour in the eastern counties in conjunction with BBC Look East.
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