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Bus Strike January 13th 2015 (Update)

Just for completeness, I’ve updated the two graphs of the numbers of buses running on 13th January with the complete set of data up to 23:59 that night. The first graph shows the total number of buses running on Tuesday 13th (red) against the previous day (blue). The second graph shows the ratio of red/blue*100%, […] [read more]

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Weather Underground Air Temperatures
Weather underground air temperatures 1 June 2011 at 20:00
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London Underground Starting Location Probabilities
Probabilities of train service creation for January 2014 data (trackernet).
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world map
this is the worl map with countrys details
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world map
world map
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Data on Kenya based on Census 2009 at Sub-location level
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Psychoactive Substance Use 2007/08
Directly age standardized hospital admission rate per 100,000 population for Psychoactive Substance use -
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Election 2010: Labour Share of Vote
The Labour and Labour co-op share of the votes (%) in the UK 2010 General Election
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Land Use - Roads
[Land Use by ward] Land Use Statistics (Generalised Land Use Database) 2005 (Enhanced Basemap). Uses include, domestic buildings, gardens, non-domestic buildings, greenspace, paths, rail, road and water.
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UV04 Age 15 to 19 years
UV04 - Age 15 to 19 years
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UV04 Age 30 to 34 years
UV04 - Age 30 to 34 years
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UV04 Age 70 to 74 years
UV04 - Age 70 to 74 years
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UV04 Age 5 to 9 years
UV04 - Age 5 to 9 years
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