Assault using Knife or Sharp Object - 2006/07

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Keywords: "Hospital admissions", "Knife Attacks", "Assault", "Assault UK maps", crime health

Brief Description

Directly age standardised hospital admissions for knife attacks 2006/07

Detailed Information

I extracted all hospital admissions (2007) with a cause code of ICD-10 X99 (assault by sharp object) and excluded all codes that may indicate accidental injury (ICD10 – W25, W26), self inflicted (ICD10 – X78) and undetermined intent (ICD10 Y28). All directly age standardised per 100,000 population - Actual counts were excluded in the map due to disclosure surrounding low numbers. ----------------------------------------------- Map boundary license - 100020290 (DH PGA) South East Public Health Observatory (SEPHO) - Steve Morgan