CIDER Migration Classification

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The CIDER Migration Classification has been created using internal migration data from the 2001 Census Special Migration Statistics

Detailed Information


The Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research (CIDER) Migration Classification has been built using internal migration data from the 2001 Census Special Migration Statistics (at level 1 – district level) which are freely available to academic users in the UK through the WICID interface on the CIDER website (

The classification was created using a k-means algorithm implemented in MATLAB, clustering 44 in-, out- and within-area migration rate and migration efficiency variables, taken from the age, ethnicity, economic activity, socio-economic classification, housing tenure and family status domains of the 2001 Census. Silhouette values displayed on the map give an indication of the strength of the association each district has with the cluster it is a member of. A value close to 1 indicates a strong association; 0 a very weak association; and a value of <0 means this district could well be associated with another cluster. 

A detailed methodology as well as full descriptions of the clusters can be found in the following working paper:

Dennett, A. and Stillwell, J. (2009) A new migration classification for local authority districts in Britain. Working paper 09/2, School of Geography, University of Leeds (

Internal migration data from the 2001 Census and more recent NHS Patient Registers can be downloaded for the Migration Classification from the CIDER website.