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[Land Use by ward] Land Use Statistics (Generalised Land Use Database) 2005 (Enhanced Basemap). Uses include, domestic buildings, gardens, non-domestic buildings, greenspace, paths, rail, road and water.

Detailed Information

Land Use Statistics (Generalised Land Use Database) 2005 (Enhanced Basemap). Uses include, domestic buildings, gardens, non-domestic buildings, greenspace, paths, rail, road and water.

Area is presented in Thousands of square metres ('000s m2).

These are experimental Statistics - this information has been developed in accordance with the principles set out in the National Statistics Code of Practice but has yet to be fully accredited as a National Statistic.

Communities and Local Government consider the 2005 figures to be the definitive land use statistics. No further work is planned on the Generalised Land Use Database.

The statistics have been calculated for each ward. Generalised Land Use Database (GLUD) 2005 (Enhanced Basemap) statistics are available for a number of other administrative areas such as output areas and local authorities from

Geography Ward

Extent Greater London

Author Name Communities and Local Government

Update Frequency One-off

Date range 2005

Release Date Feb-07

Metadata update 2010-06-18

License Summary Crown Copyright

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