Postoffice Closures March 2008

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Brief Description

Postoffice closures from the consultation documents on the postoffice website for March 2008.

Detailed Information

This information comes from the Postoffice website under the network change section. See for more information. The areas plotted on the map are only the ones where a final decision document is available. For some of the other areas, the closures are still under consultation and the decision is not yet final.

The points plotted on the map represent either a postoffice that will be closed, or a postoffice that is either moving location, or having its opening hours altered. This is termed outreach.

Information for the following areas is plotted on the map:

Kent 02/10/2007

East Midlands 02/10/2007

East Yorkshire with Bassetlaw and North Lincolshire 02/10/2007

East Essex and Suffolk 09/10/2007

Hampshire and The Isle of Wight 16/10/2007

Greater Glasgow, Central Scotland, Argyll and Bute 23/10/2007

Cardiff and Glamorgan Valleys 30/10/2007

Merseyside, Wirral, and Cheshire with Wigan, Leigh and Makerfield 06/11/2007

Sussex 13/11/2007

Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland 20/11/2007

North Yorkshire with Yorkshire East and Keighley 27/11/2007

West Berkshire and Wiltshire 11/12/2007

Information for the following areas will be added when the decision documents are released:

Highlands of Scotland 08/01/2008

Newport and Gwent Valleys 15/01/2008

Lancashire and Fylde with Southport 22/01/2008

Surrey, Berks and West Sussex 29/01/2008

Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire 05/02/2008

Cleveland with South Durham and Richmond 12/02/2008

London 19/02/2008

Bristol and Somerset 26/02/2008

Northern and Western Isles 04/03/2008

Central Wales 11/03/2008

Cumbria 18/03/2008

Norfolk and West Suffolk 26/03/2008

Shropshire and Staffordshire 01/04/2008