London Bus Density (Strike Day)

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Brief Description

Density of buses at 09:00 BST on 22 June 2012 during the bus strike

Detailed Information

This map was built using the TfL Live Bus Arrivals API to obtain data for all the buses in London at a single point in time for 09:00 BST on 22nd June 2012. The API returns every bus stop's Countdown view which has expected times for every bus heading towards that stop. This information was used, together with the bus routes, to determine a position for each individual bus using the calculated time to next stop and the runtime between the last stop and the next stop. The position is linearly interpolated in time between the last stop and the next to obtain the position. No attempt has been made to make the buses follow the lines of the roads, so they go in straight lines between adjacent stops.

The map shows locations of buses during a day when some bus companies were on strike due to on-going negotiations about Olympic bonus payments.

If you click on one of the points on the map, the popup shows the details of all nearby buses.