Major Fossil Sites

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Brief Description

Major fossil sites around the world with the colour showing the age of the oldest find

Detailed Information

Worldwide fossil sites taken from a list on Wikipedia:

The colour of the marker shows the age of the oldest find. The age in "Millions of Years Ago", or "MYA" is the earliest date for the geological period given on the site list web page. Where several periods are listed, or the period spans a large amount of time, the earliest is used and this is noted in the data.

The lat/lon coordinates for the sites were obtained by writing a program to data mine the Wikipedia page for each site from the links in the original list page (above). On the site specific page, a tag with class="geo" was used to obtain the lat/lon coordinates for every site in turn. This only resulted in around 25% of the original list being geocoded, so the rest of the sites will be added manually once their locations have been obtained.