Lowest Impact Zones for Windfarm development in Scotland

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Brief Description

Cumulative viewshed of remaining areas of land uninfluenced by a windfarm in Scotland created using the Viewshed Explorer tool and 50m digital surface model. Map created in the Wildland Research Institute by Michael Markieta and Steve Carver.

Detailed Information

This map shows a cumulative viewshed of the currently remaining land areas in Scotland uninfluenced by wind turbines. This was created using Viewshed Explorer Beta v1.1 tool and 50m digital surface model. The viewshed parameters used include a 1.75m terrain offset for the uninfluenced land areas (eye-level height) and a 125m terrain offset for the rest of the Scottish landscape to simulate the height of a potential wind turbine. The resulting map shows the degree of visibility of the remaining land areas assuming a viewing height of 125m and therefore shows those areas where new windfarms could be located without impacting on the remaining uninfluenced landscapes. Areas shown in the higher deciles could accommodate new windfarms with relatively low cumulative visual  impacts within the landscape. Further development could possibly take place within the 10th decile as these are either around existing windfarms or in areas of low visibility such as offshore.