Wildness in the Cairngorms National Park 2008

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Keywords: Wildness Cairngorms National Park 2008

Brief Description

Original wildness quality index (WQI) map for the 2008 Cairngorms National Park (pre park extension in 2010)

Detailed Information

The Wildness Quality Index (WQI) is mapped using four attributes: perceived naturalness of land cover, absence of modern human artefacts, ruggedness and challenging natural of the terrain, and remoteness from mechanised access. Perceived naturalness is based on a reclassifcation of the LCM2000 (CEH), LCS88 (MLURI), Highland Birchwoods and OS Mastermap data. Absence of modern human arefacts is based on the cumulative viewshed of roads, rails, tracks, buildings, structures, pylons, ski lifts, plantation forest and wind turbines. Ruggedness is based on terrain data with an altitude factor to take the likelihood of encountering extreme weather conditions into account. Remoteness is based on time taken to walk from the nearest road taking terrain, ground cover and barrier features into account. The four attributes are combined using simple weighted linear summation. The map shown here is based on equal weights. This map was developed by the Wildland Research Institute (WRi) for the Cairngorms National Park Authority and Scottish Natural Heritage in 2008 prior to the 2010 southern extension to the national park. The approach used is further described in: Carver, S.(2009) Mapping wildness in the Cairngorms National Park. Wild Land News 72, Spring 2009, 10-16.