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GMapCreator Download Options

Version 1.31 Released 27 May 2008

Current stable version. This fixes a bug with the transition colour scale dialog in the previous version. Installers are available for Windows and Macintosh, while Linux and other platforms should download the Java Archive (JAR) file for use directly. The 'readme' file contains detailed installation instructions for each platform.

Select your operating system and the most suitable installation format from the options below.

Windows Vista and Windows XP

Download and run the 'GMapCreator-Setup1.31.msi' file. If your system has problems with '.msi' files then additionally download the 'GMapCreator-Setup1.31.exe' file into the same directory and run the '.exe' file to begin the installation.


The software is available in two formats: an installation package for OS X systems and a disk image for older Macintosh operating systems. Download the appropriate installation file for your computer.

Linux and all other platforms

All the files below make up the full installation package. The software itself is in the 'GMapCreator.jar' file. Further instructions are in the 'readme' file.

Archive of Older Versions

Version 1.3 Released 19 May 2008

Known bugs: contains a problem with the transition colour scale dialog.